Meet Betway’s new CEO and Chairman

Betway, a European sports forum for betting and online web-based casino operation just announced some new company changes to their staff by introducing Anthony Werkman to the position of Chief Executive Officer. Richard Akitt, formerly Betway’s proceeding CEO makes further final remarks as CEO as he prepares to take on the role of Betway’s newly announced company chairman.

Anthony Werkman is no stranger to Betway as he has been with the company since 2013 as Betway’s director of operations and marketing. Werkman also has worked since 2000 in the industry of gaming and has been deemed a suiting fit to take on the new role as Betway’s late CEO.

Betway’s announcement further revealed that Richard Akitt will not be out of sight when he leaves his position as CEO. Akitt will continue to be part of the business as Betway’s new company chairman; proceeding his last five years serving as company CEO.

Betway is made up of more than 1,000 people and is based primarily in Guernsey and Malta, with London, Stockholm, Isle of Man, and Cape Town as additional support. Currently, Betway possesses licenses in Malta, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.

In the release of the company statement, Richard Akitt, the outgoing CEO and newly announced Chairman of Betway stated that he has enjoyed the privilege of being able to be in the CEO position and realizes that the timing is now right for him to make way for Werkman. Akitt further went on to say that he was looking forward to continuing an excellent working relationship with Werkman and that he also looks forward to playing a role in the strategic direction of the company as it is taking steps forward into the future.

Up and coming Betway Chief Executive Officer, Anthony Workman further added to the statement that he is honored to be taking on the role as Betway’s Group Chief Executive Officer at a largely thrilling time for the company. Richard Akitt and Anthony Workman have worked together closely over the past few years and Workman says he is looking forward to continuing his work relationship with Akitt in his new Chairman role. Workman says that he and Akitt have experienced an incredible time of growth together in the last few years and is determined to see to it that working trajectory can continue on for the future of Betway.