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kenologoWhen you play at an online casino, you’ll get to play some of the more unusual games out there—and one of those games is Keno. Keno has some similarities with Bingo, but there are many differences between the two games as well. For one thing, Keno is a better proposition when you want to win big, but play for low stakes.

In Keno, a drum contains a set of balls, numbered one to eighty. Your task is to pick a set of numbers on a Keno card in the hopes that your numbers roll out of the Keno drum once it’s set in motion.

To start, you first need to pick a stake amount. You then select your numbers from one to eighty by clicking and highlighting them on your Keno card.

Obviously, the more numbers you pick correctly, the bigger your payout as they’re drawn out of the Keno machine. However, the pay table attached to each set of number picks is on a sliding scale. As such, even if only a few of your numbers come out in a given round, you can still pick up a range of cash prizes.

All of the online casinos listed below offer both real-money and free-to-play versions of Keno, so how about trying the game out to see if it’s your lucky day!

Be warned, though: when playing Keno online (or anywhere else), the more numbers you pick, the higher your possible payout, but the lower your actual chances of winning. Think of it like the lottery: you’re more likely to get one number right than all six!

Play Keno At Vegas Paradise!

Vegas Paradise

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  • Licensed by the UK Gambling Comission
  • 100% Up To £200 in Deposit Bonus
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  • Good Variety Of Games From NetEnt, MicroGaming & Others
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Where to Play Keno

Guts Casino – If you’re a fan of Bingo games, but don’t have the time for a night out complete with other players and a caller, Keno is the game for you. This fast-paced, Bingo-type game comes in many flavours at the Guts Casino, courtesy of software provider Microgaming, and should you sign up with this site, you’ll be eligible for three welcome bonuses worth up to 300 dollars, pounds or euros.

Vegas Paradise Casino – Keno has taken the casino world by storm, thanks to its fast, no-nonsense playing style. Microgaming has released a variety of Keno games offering variations on the classic format, so why not try them out at the VegasParadiseCasino, and claim a 100% deposit match bonus up to 200 smackers at sign-up.

InterCasino – InterCasino, a Cryptologic-powered casino, offers a whole host of games, including one that has increased a lot in popularity of late: Keno. It’s a relatively simple Bingo-type game, where big money can be won. So head on over to the InterCasino, where a four-digit deposit match bonus is there for the taking!

Game Rules

Learn Casino Gaming Rules for Keno

Keno is one of the most fun games in all of gambling, and incredibly easy to learn and play. This is one main reason why you’ll find Keno in just about every casino from Las Vegas to Macau—and that includes online casinos, as well! There’s not much to learn about the game. In fact, you can learn how to play it in a matter of minutes—especially if you’ve ever played the lottery.

Keno History

The Keno Game

Keno originally comes from China, where it has been popular for centuries. Immigrants brought the tradition to the US during the 1800s. There are a lot of reasons to learn Keno beyond its entertainment value: there’s also its amazing odds, and the potential to win huge amounts of cash. You can simply place a one dollar bet, and hit a payout of fifty thousand dollars! If you think the lottery is simple, then you’ll definitely feel the same way about Keno.

Keno is now generally played electronically or online. In the past, and in some casinos that use very old equipment, Keno is still played with real balls, like in the lottery drawings you’ve probably seen on local television. You can select from one to ten numbers. These numbers are referred to as “spots,” and there are eighty total. If you were to select seven spots, then the game you are playing is called “seven-spot Keno.” The numbers are then chosen at random, and the winners are those whose spots appear. There are also certain conditions under which you can win even if none of your numbers appear.

Online Keno boards will show the results of each drawing. Drawings are usually held one right after the other—this is a very fast game. You can even check if you won based on the number of the game you had played: just look up at any of the Keno boards located throughout a casino, and compare the results of each game against your spots. Keno always guarantees a great time: even if you didn’t win, another opportunity is just around the corner. It can be a very fast-paced, profitable and exciting experience that doesn’t require cards, dice, or deep thinking.

Online Keno Game

Playing video Keno online offers the same great fun as playing Keno in Las Vegas, and online Keno works virtually the same way, as well. Video Keno is very similar to a slot machine: you can play as many games as you want in a row.

Video Keno, at times, can pay out at rates of one hundred thousand to one. That’s an amazing jackpot—and anyone can win. Video Keno is one of the best games to play if you’re bored with poker or tired of roulette for the evening.