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Roulette-LogoRoulette is one of those types of casino games where anything is possible, you can occasionally do no wrong when you are playing and it doesn’t matter which numbers you pick they seem to always spin in.

However the opposite can also happen and this is where Roulette can be a rather frustrating game to play, especially when one of your fellow players at the same table is on a wild winning streak and you are not!

However, the beauty of playing Roulette is that you will never know what type of a playing session you are going to have, and with you now able to play many different variants of Roulette online, and for fairly low and modest stake levels you should get plenty of entertainment and plenty of winning opportunities if you keep a sane level head when playing it!

History of Roulette

It is said that a Monk devised the original game of Roulette many years ago, and was finally driven completely and utterly mad by then trying to devise a winning formula for playing the game he invented!

Over the years the game of Roulette, thanks mainly to the online casino game design companies, has been enhanced and redesigned ever so slightly and now you can play many different variants of online on your computers, laptops and now on mobile phones and tablet devices!

Roulette Wheel

There are several different Roulette wheels in play on the many different online variants of this very popular casino table game. Below we will take a look at the many different Roulette variants you can easily and quickly access and play online and we will highlight the differences in the Roulette wheels and the actual way the games work and pay.


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Roulette Playing Strategies

If you do not wish to be driven mad, like the monk we mentioned earlier, then please understand that every single game of Roulette you will find either online or in a land based gaming environment will come with a house edge.

The house edge is a pre-determined long term profit that each Roulette game is expected to earn.  This is based over the very long term operation of that game based on the payouts and rules of the game.

Whilst there are some players who like sticking to a Martingale type of Roulette playing strategy, this being one where they only place even money paying wagers, then double the value of the next bet if the last bet was a losing one, this is often on betting strategy that can decimate a players bankroll when a series of losing wagers has occurred.

The best strategy for playing Roulette online is for you to initially pick the Roulette game variant boasting the lowest possible house edge, and secondly play conservatively, meaning keep your total stake per spin of the wheel to a small percentage of your overall bankroll.

Perhaps the best system is for you to divide your bankroll into ten or twenty times it value, and then use that as the total amount you place on each and every spin of the wheel. So if you have say 100.00 in your bankroll keep your total stakes per spin to no more than 10.00 or 5.00 in total.

You can always increase the amount you place onto the table by keeping to that formula when your bankroll has been increased by a series of winning wagers.


European Roulette Game Variant

One online Roulette game variant on which you are playing against a modest mid ranged house edge is the commonly found European Roulette game. We have never come across an online or land based casino that does not offer this particular variant and as such you will have no problems finds such a game!

The game is quite simple in its playing rules and payouts, the game has one single zero on the wheel, and taking into account all of the betting positions and the payouts you are up against a house edge of just 2.70% when you are playing it.

When you play online you are of course given the options of choosing your own chip values, however depending on just which online casino you have chosen to play at there will be both a minimum permitted wager amount that has to be placed onto the betting layout before you can set the wheel in motion, and there will conversely be a maximum bet amount.

You can point and click on the betting layout to place your wagers directly onto the table and for ease of use you will also be able to re Bet your previously placed wagers by clicking quite aptly on the Re Bet button!

You will find that at all of our online casinos that carry the European Roulette game variant you are going to find somewhere on the games screen a display board and this is where you will find a batch of the most recent numbers that have spun in on the wheel.

There are a variety of bets that you need to know about. The first of these bets is called an outside bet because it does not specifically include one of the 38 numbers. They come in various forms, including:
European Roulette Rules
Table and Rules
1. Red or black. With this type of bet you are betting that the outcome of the spin will be your color and thus you will be paid at even money.
2. Odd or even. This is the same as when you bet on odd or even numbers and you will be paid even money if the spin comes out in your favor.
3. Low or high. Sometimes this is called an even money bet. Herein you choose to place your bet on whether the number will land on 1-18 or 19-36.
4. Column bets. Here you will make your bet by placing your chips at the end of one of the sets of numbers. This is labeled “2-1” because you will be paid back two to one if the outcome falls in the column that you have selected.
5. Dozen bets. This is made whenever you place your chips on the areas that separate the numbers into dozens. Here you will get a 2 to 1 payout.
Of course, there are also inside bets. These are made whenever you place your chip on a specific numbers or number combinations. Here you will have to meet the table’s minimum bet. However, there are some different bets that can be made, including:
1. Straight up bets. Here you place your chips on a number and get paid back 35 to 1.
2. Split bets. Here you place your chips on two different numbers that are adjacent to one another. You are paid back 17 to 1 here.
3. Corner bets. You place your chips on the intersection of four numbers with an 8 to 1 payback.
4. Five number bets. This is where you place your chip on the corner intersection of 0 and 1 and are paid back 6 to 1 when the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, or 3 are included in the outcome.

French Roulette Game Variant

One of the very best Roulette game variants you will find on offer online or in fact at a land based casino or even a mobile casino site is the French Roulette game. This is a game on which just one zero is in play on the Roulette wheel, but thanks to a special rule you are playing against a much lower house edge.

The house edge in play on the even money paying positions on the Roulette wheel are 1.35%, however this is down to one of two unique and exclusive game play rules that every French Roulette game have attached to these games.

There is on French Roulette variant which boasts the En Prison rule, and this will lock all of your even money paying bets into position for the next spin of the wheel should the zero have been spun in. You cannot pull your bets off the table when a zero spins in they have to stay in play for the next spin.

The La Partage rules found on some French Roulette games are designed to give the same 1.35% house edge as the variants of the game which have the En Prison rule, however how these games work is slightly different.

Should you have placed one or more of the even money paying wagers onto the French Roulette games table, and then a zero spins in, the Croupier returns half of your wagers on those bets with the other half being kept by the house.

So if you wish to play a Roulette game with a tiny house edge and one that therefore gives you many additional winning opportunities when you are playing it then stick to the French Roulette game and when playing this variant only place even money wagers!

American Roulette Game Variant

When Roulette players had no real choice in the types of Roulette games they could play, casino owners and operators could guarantee very large profits for themselves as the game they made available to players was the American Roulette game

Now this particular Roulette variant is one on which there are two zeros placed onto the wheel, the standard single zero and an extra double zero. This means that with 38 actual possible ball wells for the Roulette ball to land in, and with the winning payouts for any one single number spinning in paying 35 to 1, the overall house edge of this game is a massive 5.26%.

With a house edge as large as that, the American Roulette game should always be avoided, as it will eat away at everyone bankrolls and the game offers very poor value for money.

Where to Play Online Roulette Games

Bet365 Casino – You will find a few different variants of Roulette at the Bet365 Casino site, however one game which you should not play is the Arcade game for Mini Roulette. This is a scaled down version of the game which has just a single zero and 12 numbers on the wheel.

You may think with fewer numbers your chances of picking a winning one will be higher than on a standard Roulette wheel, and whilst this is true the actual payout odds are very low and therefore that particular game comes with a huge house edge!

Jackpot Paradise Casino – You are able to play a Live Roulette variant when you are playing at the Jackpot Paradise Casino site, so by logging in and selecting this particular Roulette variant you can watch the game unfold in front of your eyes via a live video stream.

You then simply place your wagers onto the Live Roulette table via your computer, much in the way that you would on a software driven Roulette game, however the result of the game is of course determined by where the physical ball lands and not where the random number generator has determined it should land!

Vegas Paradise Casino– At the Vegas Paradise Casino you are going to find all of Microgaming’s excellent Roulette games including the American, European and French Roulette games, all of which can be played for free or for real money.

However they also have a Progressive Roulette game and a brand new Premier Roulette game, which is a multi player version of Roulette, enables you to play alongside other players and chat to them via a chat box. This Premier Roulette game also boasts stunning 3D life like graphics to completely enhance your playing pleasure.

One thing we would like to point out when you are playing Roulette at any online casino is that often the game of Roulette comes with a special set of rules in regards to playing that game with a bonus in your account.

So if you have been awarded a casino bonus, you need to ensure, by reading the terms and conditions of that bonus, or by contacting the casinos customer support tem, whether the game of Roulette can be played with such a bonus or if there are any additional play through requirements attached to bonus play on their Roulette games!

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