Lucky Dragon Reorganizes Casino and Food Service Operations

In order to reorganize its operation, The Lucky Dragon has closed it gaming and restaurant. It plans to reduce employees as part of this process. The hotel, a separate unit, will remain open.

The hotel plans to leave open Cha Gardens a bar with a food menu. The restaurants they have closed are Dragon’s Alley, Pearl Ocean, Phoenix, and Bao Now. The hotel will leave the tea room open and the kitchen that gives room service to guests.

The resort plans to eventually hire outside firms to run the casino and food and beverage services. Any employees that are laid off will have a chance to return when it re-opens the casino and food operations later in the year.

Lucky Dragon did not really specify how many workers would be laid off from their jobs. It was stated by officials that this was a hard decision to make. They said it gave the organization the chance to try new partnerships, improve their customer service, and marketing target.

Anyone with gaming chips or coupons can turn them in at the front desk at the hotel. They are redeemable. All promotions that were run are no longer valid. When Lucky Dragon opened in 2016, the business focused on Asian customers. They planned to cater to Asians located in the Pacific Northwest, California, and Las Vegas.

They designed the layout using ideas from Feng Shui. Their business did well and they opened a second lounge to cater to customers. The lounge was to replace a restaurant that they wanted to move to the food court located on the first floor. The lounge was never built and the restaurant never moved to the food court.

They opened the casino without a player database a tool that brings in customers and attracts high end players. Another problem the independent casino faced was just marketing to Asian customers. This is a very specialized narrow market. Many other casinos cater to the same market so the competition is stiff. Many of the customers already played at other casinos.

The small casino lacked many of the entertainment options offered by other casinos. Its design had a lower win percentage for customers. This are all factors that lead to its closing.