Difficulty with Online Casino Transactions in The United States

Everyone deals with online payments at some point, whether this involves a business selling their service and products over the internet, visiting an online casino to spin the wheel, or the shopping common to consumers. Online transactions are continuing to increase in popularity, increasing the options for receiving or making payments.

The Security and Encryption

Five years ago, online payments were often complicated, slow, and the security was questionable. This was changed when 128-bit encryption was introduced. HTTPS is quickly becoming the norm, both for websites in general and online payments. Customer confidence has increased the security and confidentiality now available while conducting transactions. The number of individuals conducting these transactions has increased, and there is a wider range of companies involved. The ways of transferring money have improved, become more cost effective and faster. This has had a profound effect on the industries of sports betting and online casinos.

The Casino Market

In the past few years, online casinos have become a big business. New casinos are always opening, and the rapidly growing and hugely competitive market has a lot of players. Two payment issues are considered the sectors major constraints. The sites able to overcome and navigate the best, gain an extremely competitive advantage. The first is speed, and it affects everything from betting on horses to blackjack. Gamblers require speed when they withdraw winnings or are transferring money to their betting accounts. A traditional bank transfer often requires several days. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act confuses visitors to the United States. This act prohibits United States banks from transferring funds both from and to any online casino. The problem is although citizens of the United States can legally log on and gamble, both placing and removing funds from their accounts with the online casinos presents a challenge.

The Solutions

PayPal is easy to use, very secure, and any transaction is instantly completed. Many casinos consider this an acceptable form of payment. The problem is PayPal adheres to the rules of where the transaction is located. Unless the individual resides in one of few states to have allowed online gambling, it provides no help. PayPal additionally charges a small fee for every transaction. The most popular method regarding online casino payments is Neteller. It is safe, fast, and be used almost anywhere. The exception is the United States due to the high-profile departure. This leaves American gamblers with one perfect solution, Bitcoin. This is a cryptocurrency that is 100 percent anonymous. Best of all, there are no transaction fees associated with Bitcoin. Since Bitcoin is still a new innovation, not everyone is currently accepting this type of payment. The good news is, it is quickly becoming more acceptable at the casinos.