Bitcoin and Blockchain up to Something

Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre must be up to something big. These two must be out to completely do away with the old conventional payment methods in gambling. With the former for Bitcoin and the latter for blockchain, a combination of the two has a great potential as far as a revolution in online gambling.

It is still not clear whether Craig is the real Satoshi Nakamoto albeit. His current advancements in taking Bitcoin to another level could just be proof that his claim was not a mere bluff. Ayre on the other side denies the claims that he is on the wrong side of the laws of the United States. However, the two are claimed to be working together to put digital currencies under their control. Their current “partnership” is in the endless filing of patents that seem to draw a pattern.

Wright has made 70 patent applications while Ayre, under the blockchain tag, has already filed 27 patents in 2017 on top of the 63 filed in 2016. As Wright focuses on wi-fi security and medical documents, his “associate” banks on the line of the credit card companies way up to the chip makers. The two companies could be closely related. Wright’s awareness of the relationship evidenced by his on-point filing of patents might be the proof that he must have been part of Bitcoin’s founding team.

Blockchain winning entrepreneurs’ faith

Blockchain is working round the clock to ensure that it wins the entrepreneurs. It is simply cutting the costs. To make this possible, Ayre and his associates at blockchain are working on a way to do away with unnecessary intermediaries.
By successfully putting in place the online gambling practice, the blockchain team has technically made their way in beating the laws that deal with border restrictions in the business. They, therefore, have a large operational ground hence giving the entrepreneurs and banks just the confidence they need in investment.

Bitcoin’s anonymous nature salivating

Bitcoin just got it right by enabling direct transactions between digital wallets. It is secure, and one does not need the “too much” verifications that entrepreneurs have to go through in the mainstream methods. Intermediaries are completely out of play! The fact that the gamblers can confidently keep their identities to themselves is even more captivating.

Bitcoin is not all about gambling

For Wright, whatever his intentions are, they are not all about gambling. He is clearly up for the greater good of the crypto-currency firm. His strategies show that he is busy building a system that would become by itself a digital infrastructure. With Ayre’s baking, Wright could prove to the world that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s founder. From that, the world will be able to know whether Satoshi is an individual or a group.

Perfect combination

The two, known to be mean minds that will do whatever it takes to achieve their objectives seem to be good for each other as far as conquering the online gambling and the whole casino business is concerned.