The Allure of the Latin American Market

Today, Latin America remains one of the more prominent prospects for the Spanish gaming market. Not only does the region boast millions of people, Latin America also has the potential to become a massive online gaming market. Therefore, the unique bond between Latin America and Spain remains obvious. With that being said, the regulated Spanish gaming market rapidly increases its appeal internationally. Although international operators fight to gain control in the region, the operators established on the Iberian Peninsula remain increasingly interested in improving opportunities across the Atlantic.

With that being said, very few people know this more than Christian Tirabassi. For those unaware, Christian Tirabassi remains a senior partner at Ficom Leisure. Moreover, he spoke at the Betting on Football event in London. In addition, he believes that Spain’s Directorate General for regulating gambling has opened the door for operators seeking to gain entrance to the market. Moreover, he believes that the market has experienced exponential growth. Today, the total regulated betting remains around 500 million euros. Furthermore, less than half remains online and the rest stems from retail. However, there remain numerous opportunities to grow.

Another high profile person on the panel included Daniel Graetzer. Daniel Graetzer remains the executive director of Mediatech Solutions. Moreover, Graetzer believes that numerous land-based Spanish operators remain focused on increasing their online presence. Moreover, ever major chain remains focused on pushing their businesses into this direction. In addition, there remains an extremely large opportunity for an omni-channel market. As the operators clamor to gain strength in Spain, the fortification of the nation’s football league remained presenting additional opportunities for the industry. Moreover, the country’s cultural affinity with Latin America sought to do the same thing.

Through strategic marketing, operators remain hopping from Spain to Latin America. In Spain, people see a connection with Latin America for obvious reasons. Also, several Spanish-speaking countries remain looking at the betting sector of Latin America. Another high-profile person included Gregory Bolle. Moreover, Gregory Bolle remains the head of global partnership sales for La Liga. For those unaware, La Liga outlined the internalization of the Primera Division. Moreover, two opportunities exist for companies. These include the domestic and the global market. Moreover, the domestic market has experienced substantial growth.

The global market also remains in demand. A perfect example of the Spanish market connecting with the Latin American market includes betting on football. In fact, betting on football plays an integral role. It assists in the mobilization of brands and it also caters to the demand of the Latin American market. One promising country includes Mexico. Aside from boasting a population of over 120 million people, Mexico remains the world’s largest Spanish-speaking countries. Also, it remains one of the largest countries in Latin America. For years, Lawmakers have worked on legislation to place Mexico into their narrative. Moreover, lawmakers worked on regulations that would change the way they conduct gambling services in Latin America. As a result, the ties between Latin America and Spain became even closer.
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