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All the Casino Gambling Strategies we showcase on our website come with an element of risk attached. While some may seem attractive to you, never make the mistake of thinking that you’ve stumbled upon an utterly foolproof winning system.

There has never been and never will be a way of betting that can lock in continuous profits for a gambler. Every single game of chance has been designed to have a house edge built in, ensuring that, over the long term, the casino will always make a profit on every game that it operates.

One betting system that has been the ruin of many a gambler is the Martingale system. Please do not be tempted to try out this system—unless you prefer very high-risk betting strategies which offer low returns and a high likelihood of busting your entire bankroll!

The Martingale betting system is very easy to learn and to put into live play on any online or land-based casino game. The idea is that you start out by placing a wager on just one of the even-money betting propositions offered on games such as Roulette.

Continuing with the Roulette example, let’s say you start your Martingale session by betting on Even. You place a bet of just one unit onto this position on the betting layout.


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If that bet wins, then great: you have instantly doubled your initial wager and are in profit straight away. However, if that first wager loses, then, in the Martingale system, you need to double its value on your next bet, which you place the same even-money bet, in this case Even. If your first bet was one unit, your second bet will be two units.

If that bet wins, then you have four units, and have come out one unit ahead for the two spins overall. However if your second bet also loses then, you must double its value again, and again place it on Even for the next spin. Every time you lose, you double your wager, and you keep doubling it until you win.

The problem with the Martingale betting system is that as you get onto a losing run—which always happens in games of chance—then with you having to keep doubling the value of your previous wager. The bet sizes can grow to massive, bankroll-testing amounts—and, ultimately, when one of them finally wins, you are only going to end up making a profit equal to your first, low wager.

What can and often does happen when you bet this way is that there comes a point when you may not be permitted to make the next bet in your sequence, due to the maximum stake per spin limit on a particular Roulette table. Once the table limit kicks in, you’ll find yourself unable to recoup your losses—which at this point will be quite large in value!

Our conclusion about the Martingale betting system is that it’s best left alone. You should never be tempted to give it a try: the losses can be huge, and the returns tiny!