Want to Bet on the Super Bowl? The Supreme Court May Help You Out

The legality of sports betting is a long-debated issue, but in a recent turn of events, the Supreme Court now holds the power to change the way sports betting is done in America forever. For most of the country’s history, Nevada has been the only state where gambling on sports was legal. In 2014, a New Jersey proposal attempted to change that.

Christie v. NCAA, the name of the case that resulted from the proposal, was targeted at the federal law that prevents sports betting from happening outside of Nevada. Now the case has reached the Supreme Court, adding there is a reason to believe that their decision will ultimately allow for sports betting in the United States.

However, to understand why the conservative-leaning court would favor the state of New Jersey in this dispute, the nature of the sports betting debate much first be discussed. While one might imagine that the conversation is centered around the question of whether or not sports gambling should be legal, the actual dialogue is more complicated. Essentially, the case that New Jersey makes is centered on states’ rights. Despite the fact that a federal law prohibits sports gambling, there is an argument that New Jersey, as its own state, should have the authority to make their own decision regarding the issue.

Because this case is mostly an issue of federalism, the Supreme Court’s current roster will likely rule in favor of New Jersey. The conservative judges on the court, including Clarence Thomas and John Roberts, are sure-fire defenders of states’ rights and therefore probably will side with the state. On the other hand, the court’s more progressive justices may be more hesitant about the argument.

As of right now, the case looks to be handled next spring. The Supreme Court has entire control of the matter now, and as discussed earlier, early indications point to a reversal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection of 1992. This change would be an enormous one and open the floodgates to an entirely new type of gambling across the states. While casinos now outside of the state of Nevada are currently restricted from allowing sports betting, a Supreme Court reversal of PASP would effectively legalize it in New Jersey. From here, there is little reason that other states’ gambling industries would not follow suit and capitalize on the profitability of sports.

Many sports fans will impatiently await the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision. With the number of dedicated sports fans put into their favorite team and sport, there is no doubt that some possess the knowledge to make profits of their expertise. Casinos across the country would also benefit from such a change, as sports betting would offer an entirely new layer to their services. Sports fans everywhere owe it to themselves to start studying now; they might be able to make serious money in the near-future if they make the right calls.