Pachinko Machines Gambling Limits

Pachinko machines are considered the slot machines of Japan. They currently generate over 4% of Japan’s GPD, due to their widespread popularity among Japanese natives and tourists visiting the country from afar. Despite this, Japan is considering cracking down on the gaming addiction craze by limiting the maximum winning limit. The current winning limit is the U.S. equivalent of $879k, which is ¥100k when converted. So says the local newspapers in Japan, the National Police Agency (or NPA) is going to be heading this drastic change through a comprehensive project that could see the maximum winning amount reduced by the NPA project from $879k, or ¥100k, to the equivalency of U.S. $439k, or ¥50k. This amount has been calculated from the average amount of time for a four-hour game.

Even though many of Japan’s leading companies and the country’s government themselves are making grand plans in collaboration with international companies for expanding their casino industry, they’re using this time as an opportunity to reduce the impact this expansion will have on those who are already addicted to gambling. There have also been other measures proposed to help reduce gambling addictions in the country in the future, which would include reducing the maximum winning amount on the most popular of machines, starting with Pachinko. Lowering this limit is believed to be an effective means to lessen the gambling addiction for Japanese residents who spend hours of their days at the machines each day. That being said, these regulations could likely be extended to slot machines as they’re installed in the future.

It was stated earlier this month by the Union Gaming group that an IR-Bill delay would benefit the Pachinko industry immensely since the NPA has continuously stiffened regulations, which has caused the industry to slow and suffer for those who run Pachinko machines. This bill for restrictions on gambling games in Japan has been getting a lot of attention lately and it’s Union Gaming’s belief that the bill has been putting a large amount of pressure on the National Police Agency to make Pachinko more strict than it may need to be.

Analysts who are against the restriction had much to say on the topic of news of these regulations. They explained that there is a likeliness that the IR-Bill will not be passed this year and possibly not even next year. In this event, the analysts see LPD’s misfortunes of the political kind as a way that this news could turn in favor of those who are against the bill and could mean good news for the Pachinko industry after all.

Even though it was not that long ago that Japan passed a bill making casino gambling legal in the country, the revenue that’s been generated with it so far is nothing compared to the revenue generated by Pachinko. By limiting the winning amount, it may help those who are addicted to the game, but it may also hinder the numbers coming in for Japan’s revenue generation at the slots.