Online Gambling Becomes More Popular in India

Online gambling is growing everywhere around the world and India is no different. While there are some legal obstacles towards online gambling becoming a permanent pastime, the public interest has been demanding that the government does just that. A large part of that is due to the fact that sports’ betting has continued to struggle to establish a strong foothold in India.

The general attitude towards sports betting has been somewhat negative due to the variety of scandals that India has been faced with. Most can recall the scandals that have arisen with illegal betting in cricket, which is one of the more popular sports in India; however, many don’t see that there is a major difference between illegal and legal sports betting.

This is where online gambling has stepped in. With online gambling, every action is happening in front of the entire world, which lessens the chances that anything nefarious will happen. Even with this more open type of betting, people are forced to go to foreign sports betting websites as it is still not completely possible to gamble online in India.

There is no current law that bans online gambling but the 2000 Information Technology Act scares away a lot of people. Under this act, any action or activity that could be seen as corruptible by the government is not allowed. This has chased away many of the individuals who would be able to offer widespread sports betting to the people in India.

While most of India is not allowed to gamble there are some states, such as Sikkim and Goa, where people can gamble legally. They use the intranet to offer online gambling to their visitors instead of the Internet. Using the Internet would expand the reach of online gambling to other states, which could leave them open for legal action. Even in these states, there is still not much importance placed on real life sports betting.

That leaves many in India using foreign websites that will take bets from India, but this is still with many risks for those who indulge in this type of gambling. It is advised to only choose to gamble from top-end websites to ensure that individuals are not swindled or cheated of their money.

While online gambling is still not in a favorable place across much of India, there is still hope. With certain states allowing the practice, there is always a chance that the people will make more headway as more and more of the population becomes interested in online gambling.