New Rules Aimed at Promoting Responsible Gambling Rolled Out

The American Gaming Association, casino’s largest lobbying group in the United States has unveiled a new code of conduct to protect consumers. This is meant to promote gambling responsibly after two high profile criminal cases involving individuals the authorities believed to be compulsive gamblers. These cases shed light on the effects of problem gambling. On a video posted on Facebook the man who randomly shot a retiree in Cleveland blamed what he did on the trouble he was having with his girlfriend and him losing everything, he had due to gambling. Two months later, the lone suspect in a lethal attack on a shopping mall and casino in the Philippines was a hugely indebted Filipino man addicted to gambling.

The new code requires the people who operate casinos to provide their employees with training and to be more open and transparent with their patrons. It prohibits advertising portraying gambling as a way to attain personal, social or financial success. The operators are also required to explain in general the odds of losing or winning in the various casino games. The training shows the employees how to deal with issues like underage gambling among others. The association highlighted that the casino has a responsibility to ensure that every player that walks in and out of the casino floor gambles responsibly. These new codes are meant to enable every employee in the industry from the floor employees to the directors to promote responsible gambling.

In the gaming industry, it is believed that 98-99 percent of gamblers in a casino gamble responsibly, but the remaining one percent have demonstrated this year how dangerous irresponsible gambling can be with attention grabbing headlines worldwide. All the members of the AMA like Ceasars Entertainment and MGM Resorts are expected to adhere to the code. The executive vice president of MGM stated that the focus in the gaming industry over the last twenty years has been to raise awareness on compulsive gambling in a campaign dubbed when the fun stops. The efforts address these problems are being expanded to even before gambling starts becoming serious and debt start accumulating. A program on responsible gambling is being launched in the company’s sites in Las Vegas and other states in order to engage their customers on safe and fun gambling.

On Thursday industry representatives, regulators and the AMA had a panel discussion in Las Vegas at the University of Las Vegas. The only regulator present on the panel, a member of the Nevada Gaming control cited the legal use of recreational marijuana as the next challenge that the industry has to face. There are regulations on gambling when impaired by alcohol but there needs to be regulations and statutes that govern gambling while intoxicated and impaired by marijuana. It was agreed that there was a need to reach out to the consumers to enable them to keep themselves and their families safe to prevent a repeat of the incidences that occurred in Cleveland and in the Philippines, the fun should not stop when gambling.