The Growth of The Online Casino Industry

Online casinos have been increasingly gaining more and more players because of how popular they have become. More and more people are turning to online casinos because of the convenience that comes along with it. Going to a casino no longer involves dressing up and driving for a while to reach a place that is open only for a few hours. The world of online casinos fits in perfectly with the hectic schedules that people tend to have since they are open to players at whatever time of the day or night they would like to play.

This has translated well into the profits that these sites make, resulting in it becoming one of the most profitable online industries. The Italian online gaming scene has especially been seeing positive results in the wake of the growing number of casino players. The total revenues that the gaming industry has been seeing have increased by an active six percent, which is incredible for any industry. This is something that economists and market analyzers had not anticipated, which also proves how far along the gambling industry has come.

The market is also seeing a lot of names take center stage and stand with some of the big players in the industry. Planetwin 360 is one such site which has now been able to catch up to Bet365 which is one of the leading online gaming sites in Italy. The other players in the industry are also not too far behind and come up pretty close to these top gambling options. When it comes to specifically the game of Poker, PokerStars was one of the forerunners who had been seeing an incredible amount of growth in the past year.

The industry is growing, and the increasing number of players is the evidence of this. People who like to gamble now prefer to choose online sites over physical casinos because of the ease of access and variety that comes along with it. With the abundance of sites that exist on the internet, no matter what kind of game one likes to play, they can hope to find it on one of the many sites that exist on the market. These sites have umpteen number of games so that players can never be bored, and to keep the hooked on and engaged always.

A recent analysis conducted by Eurostat and the Ministry of Economy data revealed that in the last year, online casino players contributed to over $113 billion to the gambling industry. This has become an incredible feat and is now making the gaming industry one of the fastest growing online markets. What’s even more astonishing about this is the fact that the number of players continues to increase despite the increasing taxes on prizes and the game sites. The tax on this went up from a mere thirteen percent to seventeen percent. All online gambling sites are also required to pay a tax, which is at twenty percent of the total profits that they make.