The Future of Online Casinos is Here

Casinos or gambling houses have been around for centuries. They are still very popular, and some of the biggest ones are located in the United States. The digital age changed the way people gamble, and nowadays online games and online gambling are even attractive than the old fashioned way of doing it. People still visit casinos in person when they have a possibility, but the rise of online casino is unmistakeable. Online games offer people anonymity, flexibility and they can play not leaving the comfort of their home. Many big companies have their online casinos offering a wide array of games.

Greentube is an international business and provides online and mobile games to their clients. They research, develop and release new games to give people a high-end casino gaming experience. The company was founded in the late nineties and set a high standard for the company as well as their competitors. At the moment they are the leaders of the industry with classic games such as Classic Slots, Table Games, Live Dealer Gaming, Server-Based Gaming, Social Casino Gaming, Bingo, and others. They try to expand their portfolio when possible creating new colorful games people know and love.

Their recent addition to this collection is Apollo God of the Sun – a new slot game, and it will be available for every B2B partner starting from September.
The new game has two reel sets with a hundred win lines. Apollo God of the Sun offers a lot of earning potential. The theme is centered around the God of Sun, and when he gains the winning score, the player also wins. Apollo uses a fire ball and celestial symbols in the game.

Since the introduction to these interactive games, there is more to each game than allowing people to win money. The graphics and storylines all have an important part to play in the popularity of each match.

The capability of better graphics, music and real characters appeal to players. A well-developed game is more likely to attract a new customer base and keep the existing players. Since the market is becoming more and more competitive, gambling rules become stricter. Companies pay more attention to the little things than ever. It is the only way to keep the competition at bay. Apollo God of the Sun game is no different.

Players will be able to enjoy 25 lines on the regular reel set as well as 75 on a colossal set. The hunt for the best symbols is on, and Apollo lets wild symbols to appear triggering a divine win.

Winning means Apollo’s sun shines brightly, stacking the different symbols. If they come across a bonus symbol, an array of free games will appear trigger by a Scatter. The Apollo himself has a symbol and Apollo’s horse has a separate symbol. On both reel sets, they increase the possibility of the player to win
This addition to online gaming is one of the most exciting upcoming releases, and the company pays attention to detail delivering a fun new game which allows people to win.